Day Ten of the Ten Stop Nonstop Blog Tour: Debra Diesen

It’s October 15th and in Marquette Michigan, snow bits are whizzing around in 20 mph wind.  While the busses aren’t covered like this photo suggests, soon we’ll be watching snow fall in earnest — and hoping for a snow day!Winter may come early in Michigan, but the great state counteracts that with many gifts. Debra Diesen is one of them. She’s a NYTimes bestelling author (!) for… Read more »

Day Three of the 10 Stop Nonstop Blog Tour: Archimedes Notebook

While you were snoozing (did you know you snore?), we traveled to upstate NY and visited Sue Heavenrich’s blog called Archimedes Notebook. ( is an interesting natural world-oriented place to explore. In addition to book reviews, Sue provides an ongoing list of fun activities to do with children in the great outdoors. Check it out! In case you missed… Read more »

Day Two of the 10 Stop Nonstop Blog Tour

We are movin’ on down the road and hope you are making every stop with us. Today’s host is Natalie Aguirre and Casey McCormick are the go-to resource for agent information, writerly tips, and book reviews/interviews.  Stop by and check out my guest post about Getting Unstuck with Intention. Remember to comment to be eligble… Read more »

Blog Tour Starts Today!

It’s the official launch of the NonStop Ten Stop Blog Tour for A Warm Winter Tail! Jump on board and let’s go. Our first stop is  Robin McCoy’s Inspired By Savannah website and blog:                                                                                                is an entrepreneur and champion for women everywhere. Men, don’t worry. She likes guy types too! Remember to leave a comment when… Read more »

Blog Tourin’ 101!

Touring By Keyboard blog  /blɔg, blɒg/  [blawg, blog] noun, verb, blogged, blog·ging. noun 1. a Web site containing the writer’s or group of writers’ own experiences, observations, opinions, etc., and often having images and links to other Web sites. ( thought I’d share my experience setting up the Nine Stop Non Stop Blog Tour for A… Read more »