Are you revising? The answer should almost always be yes.

As a creator, are you surprised how much time you spend revising? I am. In fact, its one piece of being a full-time author that has surprised me the most. Oh, I knew I would be drafting and redrafting, but I didn’t imagine how many times each manuscript would need revising before I could send… Read more »

Revision Tip: Wanna Get Fresh? Try Forward Momentum

Editors do not want same old, same old. Believe me; I’ve heard that message loudly and clearly at every conference and retreat. To catch an editor (or agent) eye, we must stretch into new territory which means trying different approaches, twists, mash-ups, and/or upends. It’s the only way to produce work that has that “fresh”… Read more »

“Good?” “Bad?” No…”Better.”

It is my observation that we get stuck in revision when we limit our thinking to good or bad. Those adjectives are judgmental, flat, and as oppositional as a tired two year old. Why not try shades of BETTER? Start where you  are and strive to make the work BETTER using whatever criteria needs applying… Read more »

Let’s Re-Vision!

I can’t say I’m one of those writers who loves revising. (Those writers do exist; I’ve actually seen them in real life.) But if I force myself to remember that revising is just RE-VISIONing, it helps. Then I relax into the process and can almost,  a l m o s t look forward to what may happen… Read more »

Mentor Monday on a Tuesday: The Art of Receiving Critiques

As part of the Mentor Monday series, I wanted to talk about receiving critiques. Yes, it is hard to give effective critiques (which is a topic for another Mentor Monday) but it can be just as difficult/confusing/frustrating to receive them. If the critique is positive, you might think: Did the reviewer spend enough time with the manuscript? Did she/he miss or gloss over the… Read more »

In Revisionland

Over the Thanksgiving vacation, many people traveled great distances to visit family and friends. They wined and dined and reminisced about old times.  But not me.  Nope. I traveled right up to my office (OK, after a little yummy dinner and a very small glass of Kendall Jackson chardonnay) to Revisionland.  In case you aren’t familiar with this place, it’s an… Read more »