Days Eight and Nine of the 10 Stop Nonstop Blog Tour: Wendy Lawrence and Jennifer Rumberger


What’s a road trip without a little vehicular malfunction? Could be an engine that gets too hot, an air conditioner that won’t cool down, or lug nuts that cling to a wheel like a chimp to his mama’s back. 

So it makes sense than even our virtual tour experienced a glitch wherein two stops got a little smushed into one day. But hey, that’s okay. We’re all just in this for the ride and to meet some nice folks along the way.  Which we totally have! We’ve met folks like Wendy Lawrence at Her site and blog is an effective resource for caregivers wanting to chose the right book for their child. She offers a nice review of A Warm Winter Tail including this: “…The facts are laced into poetry and the poetry sewn into a kind of a story.”  Wendy’s site is a definite bookmark opportunity.

And we’ve met Jennifer Rumberger who hosts our tour at her site on Perfect Picture Book Friday! She’s a Michigan gal too and it seems we share the same taste in children’s books. She offers a review of A Warm Winter Tail, a short interview, and….DRUM ROLL PLEASE …. the winner of the giveaway! Pop on over to Jennifer’s site, see who won, and add her site to your must read list.

On Monday, we’ll have one final stop on the tour with New York Times bestselling author, Debra Diesen, at  her blog of her Michigander Monday series). We Michiganders stick together, don’t we? 🙂

So, exit the bus on your right and stretch your legs during this fabulous fall weekend. We’ll pick you up bright and early Monday morning…

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