Do you want to spice up your school visits? Better check out this webinar!

Don’t miss this ​90 ​minute ​live ​webinar ​with ​noted ​author, ​former ​teacher, ​and ​school ​visit ​expert, ​Suzanne ​Morgan ​Williams. ​Fees are: ​$25 ​for ​current ​SCBWI ​members, ​$30 ​for ​not-yet-members, ​and ​free ​to ​Michigan ​P.A.L. ​members. ​It will be great ​for ​illustrators, ​pre-published, ​and ​seasoned ​presenters.  The ​best ​school ​visits ​are ​age ​appropriate, ​energetic, ​engaging, ​and ​add ​value ​to ​the ​curriculum. ​How ​do ​you ​design ​amazing ​presentations? ​Gain ​confidence ​in ​your ​performance, ​teaching, ​and ​negotiations? ​How ​do ​you ​get ​schools ​(or ​more ​schools) ​to ​hire ​you? ​Handouts, ​exercises, ​and ​the ​online ​presentation ​will ​help ​you ​plan ​programs ​based ​on ​your ​strengths, ​your ​books, ​and ​students’ ​needs. ​  Suzanne Morgan ​Williams ​will ​share ​her ​best ​tips ​for ​connecting ​with ​schools ​and ​negotiating ​fair ​deals. ​If ​you’re ​serious ​about ​giving ​presentations ​that ​leave ​schools ​buzzing, ​tune ​in. ​The ​webinar ​will ​end ​with ​an ​optional ​online ​question ​and ​answer ​time. ​ ​Homework ​and ​supplemental ​information ​will ​be ​forwarded ​to ​registered ​participants ​prior ​to ​the ​live ​event. ​Your ​link ​to ​the ​webinar ​will ​be ​active ​for ​three ​months ​after ​the ​event. ​Click below to register! Seats are limited and filling quickly… Register

School Visits Demystified

If you are planning school visits, check out this great website for information on how to organize your visit and optimize communication with school personnel. They offer general how-to and how-not-to tips from pros, too. 

Superior Hills Elementary School Visits

I so enjoyed meeting the 4th graders at Superior Hills Elementary School.  They were respectful listeners and thoughtful contributors to our conversation about writing, reading, and animal adaptations in the winter. Thanks for the opportunity to spend time in your school.  Remember, if you can think, you can write!

School Visits

Just firmed up a visit schedule with the 4th grade classes at Superior Hills Elementary School in Marquette, MI.  Hello Mrs. S. Anderson’s class, Mrs. J. Anderson’s class, and Mrs. Menhennick’s class! I’ll see you the last week in October.  Since we are heading into our chilly seasons, we’ll talk about writing and my story of how animals… Read more »