Day Ten of the Ten Stop Nonstop Blog Tour: Debra Diesen


It’s October 15th and in Marquette Michigan, snow bits are whizzing around in 20 mph wind.  While the busses aren’t covered like this photo suggests, soon we’ll be watching snow fall in earnest — and hoping for a snow day!

Winter may come early in Michigan, but the great state counteracts that with many gifts. Debra Diesen is one of them. She’s a NYTimes bestelling author (!) for her first picture book (!) — The Pout-Pout Fish — which is a already a classic.  She hosts a great blog and runs a Michigander Monday series. Guess what? I’m her subject today. Take a peek and say “Hi!”  at:

And so ends a blog tour that exceeded my high expectations. Later this week, I’ll post a follow up on what I learned and hope it helps you. Thank you for touring with us!

In the future of this blog, I plan to jump start my mentoring series and explore the issue of our emotional core and how it influences writing. 

Visit often and let me know what you’d like to talk about! I’m all (slightly frozen) ears.  


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