Informational (Non-fiction) Back-To-School Books

Nonfiction children’s book author and thought leader, Melissa Stewart, shared the following post on Nerdy Book Club today and it blew my mind a little. Even though I am an informational/nonfiction book writer, my first ideas for back-to-school books are fiction. That’s crazy, right? Melissa reminds us in this post that informational/nonfiction books play an… Read more »

How to Tackle Big Topics for Growing Thinkers: Nonfiction

Okay. I might be biased because Charlesbridge is publishing my forthcoming book STRETCH TO THE SUN: FROM A TINY SPROUT TO THE TALLEST TREE ON EARTH and I know firsthand they are an amazing team, but this post by Charlesbridge nonfiction senior editor Alyssa Mito Pusey is all-by-itself excellent. Getting to “I GET IT!”: Scaffolding in Nonfiction is… Read more »

Giants are Real! Coast Redwood Giants, That Is!

In 2013, I was lucky enough to receive a grant from SCBWI to pursue a writing project involving coast Redwood trees. Recently, I visited Redwood National and State Parks and made a brief video about my way-too-short time there. Be sure your audio is turned on, relax, and enjoy the magnificence of these very real giants…

Who are the cutest tree huggers in the world?

New research suggests that koalas use trees for temperature control. How cool is that? Click here to learn more: tree huggers. I wish I could have included this neat fact in my book, A Cool Summer Tail, about how animals stay cool in the heat!  

Boxing For Cuba by Guillermo Vincente Vidal

I am so impressed with this book.  Mr. Vidal, who was part of Operation Pedro Pan, is a breathtakingly honest writer and I am in awe of his bravery.  I highly recommend this memoir which is described on the book jacket as “an immigrant’s story of despair, endurance, and redemption.” Vidal has shared a haunting story told in a lyrical voice.