Want to Create a Storytime-Centric Book?

Today, Nerdy Book Club hosts children’s book author/illustrator Abi Cushman with Ten Ways to Make Storytime Interactive. The post is a great resource for librarians, educators, and caregivers. But let’s give it another look from a creator’s POV. Abi has also identified 10 strategies creators can implement to pull listeners into a story and increase… Read more »


I’m excited to share that I’ve finished a first draft of my upper middle grade chapter book, Exile.  Normally I’m sort of a quiet person, so those who know me will be surprised I had 15,500+ words in me.  I’m happy to tell this story — it’s about time… The plot synopsis follows: This historical fiction, upper middle grade chapter… Read more »

Dazed and confused

My eyes are blurry from reading everything I can about the Pedro Pan mission.  I want to understand what was going on in the minds of Cuban parents, American politicians, foster families/orphanages, and of course, the exiled children, prior to starting the manuscript.  There are several good adult books written about this subject, each representing the authors’ biases… Read more »

Marriage of text and illustration

This weekend, I revisited Twelve Terrible Things by Marty Kelley (Tricycle Press) for a classroom talk I’m doing on how text and illustration work together in children’s picture books.  (I often think how cool it would be to illustrate my own story but since I can only draw smiley faces, I’ll have to give that job to someone else.) I wonder if this text… Read more »