what are Hooks? and why does every manuscript need them?

​If you are struggling to describe your manuscript from a marketing perspective, check out this example. Bookshop’s description (shown below) of The Elephants Come Home: A True Story of Seven Elephants, Two People, and One Extraordinary Friendship (by Kim Tomsic, Hadley Hooper, and Chronicle Books) highlights all the elements that will help sell this book. These… Read more »

how to create a Bitmoji workspace

Many teachers are creating a Bitmoji classroom or banner to welcome students into their virtual learning environment. I thought it would be fun to create one for my office. I’m hoping this will show some solidarity to teachers who are facing monumental challenges and be a fun opener for children to see when we start… Read more »

What’s Your Path to Promotion?

You may know that my next book releases in October, 2018. I’ve been working on a publicity platform, discovering lots of neat ways to let folks know about the book and myself. However, I discovered that, though I’ve been very active in the children’s book industry for a decade (yikes)  and have promoted two other… Read more »

Connection Isn’t Only Social Media

Do you ever have that feeling that something amazing is about to happen? I do. In fact, I’ve been carrying around that feeling for seven days now. Every hour or so, the skin on the back of my neck tingles and I can feel how I’ll feel the moment the amazing thing is revealed. Weird,… Read more »

One Can Never Have Enough Marketing Ideas

The website, 30 Day Books, offers marketing advice and tips for pre-self published and published authors. Even though I am traditionally published, I receive their Magic Monday newsletter and have found great stuff there. For instance: I’ve been working on a new marketing plan for A Warm Winter Tail because the debut shine has worn… Read more »

Notes from the Road, Continued Some More

ASK FOR QUESTIONS IN ADVANCE OF YOUR VISIT I love questions at events. I really do. BUT, it can be very difficult to pick a questioner (“how about the boy in the blue shirt there? no, I meant that blue shirt…”) out of a sea of children popping up and down like the Frogger game at… Read more »

Notes from the Road, Continued

“PLAN FOR WORST CASE WONKY TECHNOLOGY DISASTERS” Are you kidding me? This is how I felt when I realized thirty minutes before my first presentation of five that my elderly laptop (tested at home) would suddenly not hold a charge from the electrical cord and the battery was dead. Thankfully, I had Dropboxed the Powerpoint presentation… Read more »