“Why Don’t Agents Give Feedback?”

​I follow agent Jessica Sinsheimer on Twitter and she offered this great behind-the-agent- curtain look at why (most) agents don’t give feedback (very often). (Parentheses are my own. Some agents do give feedback and some give it occasionally, but I certainly understand the spirit of Jessica’s thread.)  Disclaimers: Settle in. This will take a bit to… Read more »

You Just Might Get What You Need

Anyone who hangs around me long enough will hear me say, “You have to ask for what you want.” I don’t mean this in a self-serving way. What I mean is that the universe is busy. There are lots of people and creatures and big things going on all the darn time. (Sort of like… Read more »

What’s Your Target for 2017?

Do you want to make 2017 the year you: secure your first book contract? or your 21st? find your ideal agent? land a spot in a critique group that will push you to create your best work yet? explore a new genre or POV? attend your first big conference? or an event that has seemed out… Read more »

Where’s Abe Going with that Axe?

meme credit: Tim Fargo @alphabetsuccess I recently found Tim Fargo on Twitter and appreciate that almost all the quotes he shares resonate with me. This one by Abe spoke to an issue that is rumbling around in the picture book creating community right now: how to move your manuscript from “it’s good” to “I’m taking… Read more »

When Writers Are Generous

I’ve been a soccer mom for 17 years which means I’ve watched (and coached) a LOT of soccer games.  I love the moment shown here when competition is transcended by compassion and respect. I also love these moments within the children’s book industry, another highly competitive endeavor. Even when Writer A knows that Writer B sitting next to her at the critique… Read more »

“How do I publish my children’s book?”

Here are the two questions I find most often in my email inbox or am asked when I see people out in the world: “I want to write and/or illustrate children’s books. Where do I start?” or “I’ve written (or illustrated) a children’s book. How do I get it published?    I often respond by saying “That’s a big… Read more »

How to Keep Your (and My) Eyes On the Real Prize

If I start thinking about how many eyes (read: opinions) are needed to bring a book to a child, I can get overwhelmed to the point of resorting to cleaning the refrigerator.    AAAGGGHHH! But, it is important to step back and remember to write for (NO! Not Santa!) this little girl. Me. The little girl who wanted… Read more »

What Do Children’s Books Do Besides Make Tiny Humans Smarter?

According to Heather Gilmore, LLMSW, a children’s therapist, books have amazing benefits in addition to increasing brain power! Check out Heather’s benefits below. Let’s all help make books accessible to a child. http://pro.psychcentral.com/child-therapist/2014/09/bibliotherapy-5-benefits-of-books-for-kids/#

“I Like Frogs!”

I ADORE interacting with preschoolers. Topics zip around the room like hummingbirds. Here is an actual piece of dialogue from my most recent preschool visit in which we are reading A Warm Winter Tail and talking about adaptation to cold. Me: What season is it outside right now? Class: (silence)Me: Is it a hot season… Read more »