You Just Might Get What You Need


Anyone who hangs around me long enough will hear me say, “You have to ask for what you want.”

I don’t mean this in a self-serving way. What I mean is that the universe is busy. There are lots of people and creatures and big things going on all the darn time. (Sort of like parenting, right?) So I think it’s okay to ask the universe to focus on a particular want. I think it’s okay to call some attention to it.

The first part of asking for what we want is putting words around the want because we have to know what we want before we can ask for it. This can take some time to figure out and some practice. I know I have it right when I ask the universe (or the car dealer or husband guy or airline worker) for what I want and the answer is an easy “yes,” or “I can do that,” or “sure, I can make that work.”

Sometimes I’m surprised how easy it is. And if I never ask, I’ll NEVER receive exactly what I want.

Try it. Ask for what you want. It just might be what the universe wants to give you.

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