When Writers Are Generous


I’ve been a soccer mom for 17 years which means I’ve watched (and coached) a LOT of soccer games.  I love the moment shown here when competition is transcended by compassion and respect. 
I also love these moments within the children’s book industry, another highly competitive endeavor. Even when Writer A knows that Writer B sitting next to her at the critique table might be published before she is, Writer A is suprisingly willing to share what she knows about craft, editors, agents, art directors, publishing houses, how to move to the next level, etc.  This sharing happens at Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators (SCBWI) events and it happened this past week at the fantastic WOW Retreat hosted by writer Kristen Fulton.  She opened the Retreat by sharing her remarkable story from veterinarian to cancer survivor to children’s book writer with multi-book deals — all within a few years — and mindfully set the tone for generosity at the Retreat. This tone continued throughout the week and was passed between writer, agent, and editor. 
When competition could call the shots, writers can choose to lend a hand. When writers are generous, great things happen. 

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