Bring on the Funny

Humor has been proven to positively impact learning environments and learning outcomes. So how do we bring funny into the classroom? Use a Humor Style Test to identify what kind of humor you use, and then learn how can you build on your own style (or possibly modify it if it isn’t working) to create… Read more »

Fiction, Nonfiction, and Shades of Grey in Between for Educators

The rise in innovative and engaging nonfiction (informational books) has opened a world of reading possibilities but also confusion. How do we label books that blend elements of fiction and nonfiction? How can we determine what is a verifiable fact versus a narrative thread? Why is this even important? In a world where half-truths can… Read more »

Putting It Out There

Two-hour intensive. Don’t give an editor a reason to reject a manuscript just because you didn’t play by the rules. Get an insider look at industry expectations so you are viewed as a professional. We’ll cover a traditional children’s book publishing industry primer (formatting, word count expectations, conventions, important terms), how to know when your manuscript is… Read more »

Fiction, Nonfiction, and Shades of Grey in Between for Writers

This is a session for writers wanting to break into today’s exciting and growing nonfiction market. The rise in innovative and engaging nonfiction has opened a world of possibilities but also confusion. For instance, how do we label manuscripts that blend true information with fictional characters or settings or invented dialogue? Participants will walk away with a clear definition of different types of… Read more »

Children’s Book Publishing Industry 101: Tips, Terms, and Twists

A one-hour, fast paced, nuts and bolts session for children’s literature writers and writer/illustrators who want to be published — and sooner rather than later. Like every industry, children’s book publishing has conventions. If we follow them, we are one step closer to being part of the in-crowd. Participants will learn necessary standards for traditional publishing (formatting, important terms, word counts for categories, what’s… Read more »

Finding Your Agent Match

Finding the right agent has often been compared to finding a spouse–hopefully, they will be your lifelong business partner, a creative collaborator, your negotiations champion, and eventually the go-between for difficult conversations with your publisher. But finding an agent can be overwhelming. Where do you start? Join Carrie Pearson for a presentation focused on preparing for and finding… Read more »

The New Nonfiction

upper elementary to early high school 50 minutes to 2 hours virtual or in-person The genre is blossoming, and in some cases, is hard to define. Using mentor texts to illustrate the concepts, this workshop clarifies the five types of nonfiction and how the line between fiction and nonfiction can seem blurry sometimes. The presentation… Read more »

Let’s Be Funny!

grades 4-12 30-50 minutes virtual or in-person Human behavior experts agree that humor engages the brain and enhances memory. So how can writers use the power of humor to captivate readers? Carrie leads an interactive and lively discussion about elements of humor in literature, and reviews mentor texts with students to determine what works/what flops. Students learn how personal taste and human development impacts our… Read more »

Rockin’ Writing

grades 2-4 if virtual, K-4 if in person 30 -50 minutes Using their five senses and their creativity, students make a rock come alive through story! The workshop includes visuals, a rock gift for each participant if held in person. If virtual, students are instructed to find a rock prior to the workshop. Includes an… Read more »