The Story Behind The Story

adaptable for grades 6-12 30-50 minutes virtual or in-person Carrie infuses the topic of how she wrote her children’s books with personal strategies for student writers. They will leave the presentation with a better understanding of how to: imagine story ideas, use ten specific revision techniques for works in progress, approach shorter and longer rewrites, and use best… Read more »

Meet An Author

adaptable for grades K-6 30 – 50 minutes virtual or in-person Using PowerPoint visuals and audience interaction, Carrie shares her story of becoming a traditionally published author, incorporating life lessons about persistence and striving for excellence. An optional Readers’ Theater experience of A WARM WINTER TAIL gives students a chance to shine as one of… Read more »

Author Q & A

adaptable for K-adult 15 – 60 minutes virtual or in-person Over the years, Carrie has fielded questions from “do you eat frogs?” to “if you care about trees, why do you use paper to make your books?” and everything in between. Consider formulating questions as a class that relate to topics your students are engaged… Read more »

What Do Scientists and Writers Have in Common? Observe, Wonder, and Question

adaptable for K-6 20 – 50 minutes virtual or in-person As an author, Carrie’s process for writing a new book is like a scientist’s process in discovery. Using her books as examples, Carrie will show how her observation, wonder (inquiry), and questioning were the underpinnings of her stories. Concurrently, students will use an item from… Read more »

Climb the Tallest Tree on Earth

adaptable for grades K-6 30-50 minutes plus Q & A virtual or in-person Carrie’s latest book, STRETCH TO THE SUN: FROM A TINY SPROUT TO THE TALLEST TREE ON EARTH, is a beautifully illustrated narrative nonfiction picture book about the tallest tree on Earth. Through an interactive presentation, students will “climb” this tree and learn… Read more »

The Writing Process with Author Carrie Pearson

adaptable for grades 1-5, 30-50 minutes with workshop component virtual or in-person Need some fresh ideas for writing workshop? Support for writing process instruction (I’m looking at you, editing)? Need a new mentor text for nonfiction or informational writing and book study? This session combines writing process with an award-winning informational book. Here’s a peek at an… Read more »

5 Books Under 1 Umbrella

adaptable for grades 1-5 30 minutes per book, can be set up over a series of days virtual Readalikes give practicing writers a clear picture of how different authors and illustrators have chosen to approach the same idea. For this session, educators select in advance a theme, genre, or linking topic and determine if they want… Read more »

How Do They Stay Warm – or Cool? Amazing Animal Adaptions

30-50 minutes depending upon grade level book reading: A Warm Winter Tail or A Cool Summer Tail virtual or in-person This session can be adapted (see what I did there?) for K-5 and meets several science and NGSStandards on structures, weather/seasons, characteristics passed from adult to young, survival, traits, environmental interactions, habitats, and more. Carrie provides an engaging combination of nature… Read more »

Quick Visit

up to 30 minutes depending on grade level optional Q & A $100 flat fee virtual Can be designed to highlight a special theme, like March is Reading Month or Summer Reading Kickoffs Pick one of my authored books, add at least one to your library, and I’ll join your class virtually to read the… Read more »