Book Baby Being Born TODAY!

I’m thrilled to share that today is the launch day for VIRGINIA WOULDN’T SLOW DOWN! The Unstoppable Dr. Apgar and Her Life-Saving Invention. This book has been a labor of love from the first minute Dr. Apgar’s story hooked me.

Read more about the making of the book in spite of All. The. Things. in my latest newsletter. [Oh. Do you need to sign up for the newsletter? Click HERE.]

Reader reviews are coming in, and we are delighted to see that adults enjoy and learn from the book, too!

“Definitely recommended to homes, schools, as well as libraries. No better way of creating a greater gender balance in STEM fields than by inspiring the next generation of girls through the story of a pioneering woman medical professional! 5 stars.” — Rosh

“I believe more children, especially young girls, need to read about Dr. Apgar and become inspired to live full lives and pursue any career despite any societal or cultural challenges that might deter them from becoming what they want to be. We never know what these children will invent and how their lives could touch us all.” — Michelle

“I have never heard of Virginia Apgar until this afternoon, and now everyone on my I’ve spoken to today know [sic] about her and her contributions to science and medicine.” –Lisa

People ask me how they can help the book reach readers. Here are some of the many ways:

  • recommend this book to your community librarians
  • review the book at your favorite book purchasing and/or review sites
  • purchase copies for yourself, your family, your friends
  • purchase for a special teacher/classroom, health care worker, or health care graduate
  • gift to new BABIES at showers and birthdays
  • and share the book with others through your social communities. Feel free to download and share the cover HERE

Thank you for being an important part of this journey!

Oh! Be sure to snag your free coloring sheets directly from the pages of VIRGINIA WOULDN’T SLOW DOWN! The Unstoppable Dr. Apgar and Her Life-Saving Invention!

You can find them linked here in the newsletter. Thank you, Nancy Carpenter!

Be Unstoppable!

Warmly, Carrie

2 Responses to “Book Baby Being Born TODAY!”

  1. Judy Bryan

    HAPPY BOOK BIRTHDAY, CARRIE!!! I’m so excited for this book to hit the shelves in homes, libraries and classrooms! Such an important topic to help our new wee ones, and developed by a strong woman to boot! Yay!!! Congratulations!!!


    • carriep

      Thanks, Judy! You were there from the beginning of this book. Thanks for the help on it.