“I Like Frogs!”

I ADORE interacting with preschoolers. Topics zip around the room like hummingbirds. Here is an actual piece of dialogue from my most recent preschool visit in which we are reading A Warm Winter Tail and talking about adaptation to cold. Me: What season is it outside right now? Class: (silence)Me: Is it a hot season… Read more »

Notes from the Road, Continued Some More

ASK FOR QUESTIONS IN ADVANCE OF YOUR VISIT I love questions at events. I really do. BUT, it can be very difficult to pick a questioner (“how about the boy in the blue shirt there? no, I meant that blue shirt…”) out of a sea of children popping up and down like the Frogger game at… Read more »

Notes from the Road, Continued

“PLAN FOR WORST CASE WONKY TECHNOLOGY DISASTERS” Are you kidding me? This is how I felt when I realized thirty minutes before my first presentation of five that my elderly laptop (tested at home) would suddenly not hold a charge from the electrical cord and the battery was dead. Thankfully, I had Dropboxed the Powerpoint presentation… Read more »

Notes From the Road

Bates Elementary School — such a respectful audience! I’ve just returned from a school and library visit trip (three elementary schools in Dexter MI and my hometown library and can truthfully say these visits are one of my favorite parts of being a children’s book author. I adore seeing how our book has contributed to understanding, broadened… Read more »

School Visits Demystified

If you are planning school visits, check out this great websitehttp://schoolvisitexperts.com/ for information on how to organize your visit and optimize communication with school personnel. They offer general how-to and how-not-to tips from pros, too.