Floyd Cooper (and Tara Lazar) Helps me Get It

Remember that PiBoIdMo adventure I posted about recently? I love it because it gives me permission to throw ideas out there without mental-censoring. And the posts Tara Lazar has lined up by creative people are always inspiring. Today’s post, however, did more than inspire. It shifted my thinking on a point that has stuck in… Read more »

PiBoIdMo? What the heck is that?

Once again, I’m excited to participate in Tara Lazar’s Picture Book Idea Month (PiBoIdMo) extravaganza that kicks off November 1st. She’s pulled together an amazing cast of inspiring people in the world of children’s books and I can’t wait to start my next 30 days with their insights. Plus, during PiBoIdMo I give myself permission… Read more »

PiBoIdMo Registration is Here!

If you are a picture book writer or illustrator, I sure hope you will consider participating in Tara Lazar’s extravaganzic Picture Book Idea Month. She’ll have guest posts from some of the industries best thinkers, opportunities for prizes (including critiques from stellar agents), and a community-wide buzz. Go here to learn more.  

PiBoIdMo Is Gearing Up

Tara Lazar announced that Picture Book Idea Month is beginning soon — and you won’t want to miss this party. I’ve never met Tara personally, but after following her blog for a while, I feel I know her quirky little self just a bit. I’m sure the month is going to be filled with helpful guest… Read more »