Mentor Monday: Mentors4Rent–an important resource for writers

Although I live hundreds of miles from Laura Purdie Salas and Lisa Bullard, we’ve connected through the topic of mentorship. Co-owners of Mentors4Rent, a mentorship service with some interesting tech twists, Lisa and Laura understand the importance of coaching.  They get that writers at every level of prowess benefit from feedback and have developed some creative approaches to propelling writers forward.  Please… Read more »

Mentor Monday: Mindy Hardwick, Mentor for Children-at-Risk

Mindy Hardwick connected with me through my website where she found the Mentor Monday series. She told me about her experience as a mentor and I knew right away I wanted to share it with you. Her work is a perfect example of how the idea of mentorship can be expanded — with very positive results…. Read more »

Mentor Monday: Lisa Wheeler

I crossed my fingers when I asked Lisa if she would consider being interviewed for this blog series. I know she’s talented, wise, and proficient – that’s obvious from her body of work in the children’s book industry — but I didn’t know where she stood on mentoring. Lisa has professionally critiqued three of my picture book manuscripts (one sold so far!)… Read more »