Patience Revisited

“If the person you are talking to isn’t listening, be patient.  Maybe he has a small piece of fluff in his ear.”                                                        –Winnie-the-Pooh

I Totally Get What She’s Saying…

Dear Sydney,I’m glad you enjoyed my presentation.  I enjoyed being in your class. Except for when that boy decided to take the tarantula out of the terrarium and put it on Josie’s desk.  I must say her screaming was a little distracting… “Handling the wait” is the hardest part of being a writer.  Really.  It can be very… Read more »


I wanted to acknowledge everyone who has taken the time to read and comment on my midgrade historical novel manuscript, EXILE. Their insights have been crucial to the development of this story.  A special thank you goes to Oscar A. del Junco for his thorough review and Spanish language corrections.  I’ve been blessed with several readers in the Pedro… Read more »

don’t try this at home

fyi, if you see lkots of typos in my work 4 the nxt two months, please frgive me.  new, SHARP cutco knives + stubborn avocado pit = a cut throuhg my lrft hand, surgery to repair   sensory nerves and one-hnded typig for a lng time.  grrr.  

Long time no blog

Lest you think I’ve been sitting around eating bonbons instead of writing, I’m here to say “nope.”  There has been a lot going on at the desk in the photo on your right.  I received the critique of my midgrade historical novel from Stacy DeKeyser ( and She identified areas I can tighten and rework and… Read more »

Moving forward one tiny baby step at a time…

Just wanted to share I’ve sent my completed draft of Exile (chapter book) to Stacy Dekeyser for a professional critique (check her out at and  After I complete her suggested revisions, I’ll ask my new friends in the Pedro Pan community to read the manuscript and comment from their perspective.  I’m really looking forward to their insights.  Special… Read more »

Thank you.

Just wanted to give a shout out to people who offer their quiet spaces to writers (whose lives are anything but quiet) to create.  I have a person like that in my life.  Because she has written a book (a very scientific and important textbook) and because she is a shameless promoter of other’s dreams, she understands how valuable this… Read more »

Exciting new project!

I’m embarking on a new writing adventure and hope to bring you along with me on this one.  I’ll chronicle the progress I make on a historical fiction middle grade chapter book I’m writing about Operation Pedro Pan.  In case you haven’t heard about this part of American and Cuban history (I hadn’t until 3 months ago),… Read more »

Snow Day in ‘da U.P., eh.

Guess you have to be careful what you wish for.  We’ve all been shaking our fists at the sky clamoring for snow and WOW — it came.  Nothing like a good old Nor’wester to change the landscape.  My writing plans for the day have changed, too, since I’ll be making cookies with the Twisted Sisters.  Perfect.  Don’t knock… Read more »

A little help here?

I’ve been working on a new title for Lizzy and the Twisted Sisters because it is too boring for such a wild ride of a story.  Send me your ideas within 7 days (November 24) and the winner will receive a free manuscript critique by (insert drum roll…..) ME (you thought I was going to say some really famous editor or… Read more »