If you subscribe to my newsletter, you’ve seen me gushing about the sneak peeks of my next authored book for children, REAL PRINCESSES CHANGE THE WORLD. I apologize (sort of). Going forward, I’ll share different information in both places, so be sure to subscribe to both my blog and newsletter if you are so inclined.

Back to gushing…

In our quirky industry, we tend to show only the front cover of books, but in this case, the back cover is equally impressive!

The publisher is Roaring Brook Press, an imprint of Macmillan Publishers. The illustrator is Dung Ho who you might know from her New York Times bestselling illustrated book, Eyes That Kiss in the Corners written by Joanna Ho.
REAL PRINCESSES CHANGE THE WORLD highlights women from around the world and is organized geographically. The map will help readers contextualize where the princesses live. What questions do you think this one page will inspire in young readers?
Because the princesses are all nuanced, busy, passionate people, one of the most challenging parts of this project was selecting only one attribute to highlight for each, such as “Real Princesses Are Engineers,” “Ambassadors,” “Businesswomen,” and “Visionaries.”
After meeting the eleven contemporary princesses and four heirs apparent in this book, young readers will realize that the caricature we construct about others isn’t always accurate.
“It’s a stunning, feminist picture book biography collection of real princesses actively helping their community,” — BabyLibrarians

The book launches on April 11, 2023

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Behind the Scenes: The Making of Just ONE Book

Another tendency of this industry is to give the author and illustrator the limelight of picture book creation. Sure, we deserve credit, but many other people are involved in making just ONE book! There are many more talented people behind the scenes. Here are some of the people I’ve interacted with so far:

  • my critique group and readers (Big smooches for all. You know who you are!)
  • students and family members who participated in my fact-finding missions prior to writing the manuscript
  • Senior Literary Agent — Kelly Sonnack. Andrea Brown Literary Agency
  • Roaring Brook Editorial — Megan Abbate, Connie Hsu, Nicolás Ore-Giron — plus copyediting and vetting
  • Art Director and design team led by Mina Chung
  • Macmillan School and Library and Publicity teams

As we move toward launching the book on April 11, 2023, I’ll work more closely with the folks at Macmillan, at Blue Slip Media, who I’ve contracted to help make connections with readers, with PookyHonk Productions, who will create a book trailer, and with Deb Gonzalez who will develop the educator guide. Can you believe all of these people are involved in ONE book?

The next people to get involved will be readers and reviewers. Fingers crossed everyone likes it as much as we do.

Ciao for now, friends!