Want Some Coffee with that Curated Content #3: Finding Your Agent

I chose this image because this post is really about what comes BEFORE a steamy cup o’ coffee. This curated content is related to the work we need to accomplish BEFORE submitting to agents. 

Start with this fresh post Do I Need an Agent…by Giuseppe Castellano [from his website: Giuseppe Castellano is an award-winning Designer, Illustrator, and Executive Art Director at Penguin Random House; with over seventeen years of book publishing experience]. Even though the post leans slightly toward illustrators, it is a very thorough look at the agent search experience.

Then, investigate In The Inbox which offers online query advice from a smart literary intern. Although she hasn’t posted since August (presumably because she is overwhelmed with queries!), there is a wealth of information here including a chart to ensure a query is ready to be sent: https://intheinbox.wordpress.com/

Another valuable resource is Literary Rambles that provides interviews and information on many children’s literature agents. 
Hope you find these beans helpful!