Want Some Curated Content with that Coffee? #1

Content Curation is the act of discovering, gathering, and presenting digital content that surrounds specific subject matter.                                                                                                  – econtent.com

​Okay. Since this is #givingTuesday, how ’bout I give you some fresh, interesting children’s book industry info? And how ’bout I do this each week? ​Let’s try it!

1. Ripple Grove Press Founder and President, Rob Broder, offers some thoughts about what he’s found, and not found, in his inbox since their origin in 2013.  (P.S. it appears rhyming is NOT a sweet spot). This is interesting info about RGP, but also a cautionary tale for subbing in general. UPDATE: Mr. Broder reached out to assure me that RGP does not NOT like rhyming. Good rhyming works just fine.   

2. Chuck Sambuchino at Writers Digest has nicely curated (see what I did there?) agents looking for manuscripts about diverse topics or by diverse voices via Twitter. Thank you, Chuck! 

3. Dan Blank, an industry expert, posts on Writer Unboxed about what editors and agents really want. The headings alone are worth emblazoning on a sticky note. 

Hope there’s something here that resonates! If so, let me know.