Conference Success Stories: got one?


As a follow up to my post about the importance of attending conferences, let’s share success stories. I’m not limiting “success” to just a sold manuscript. Maybe you’ve formed a new relationship, had a great critique, advanced your career in some fashion as a result of attending a conference. Spill it! We’d love to hear. 
I’ll start:
At my second ever conference, I participated in “first pages” but in those days, we read our own work to the hundreds of attendees. Talk about a knee quaking moment! After the session ended, a conference organizer pulled me aside and said, “Just so you know, this never happens, but the illustrative director from Publishing House X heard your first page and wants to take the full manuscript back to the editor. He wants to illustrate that story.” Unfortunately, the editor wasn’t as enamored with the manuscript as the illustrative director, but it was an experience that built my confidence as a writer.   

C’mon, share your story!

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