Research Nerd

Am I weird because I love researching? 

I do enjoy the hunt, following the twisted trail of information, and snatching an unsuspecting tidbit perfect for slapping on unsuspecting victims (usually my children who are held-captive audiences). For instance, “Did you know that some mammals without sweat glands urinate on themselves for the evaporative cooling effect?” 

Despite the reaction — “That’s just gross, Mom” — I think they enjoyed the information and will (silently) thank me during a Trivial Pursuit game some day.

Here is an amazing video about life inside a bee hive I found in my research travels this weekend.  It shows the beginning of life for a bee colony in a top bar hive in Sweden. The Youtube description says it is “a compilation of three summer months from inside the beehive. From colonisation of the empty hive to the days following the swarm (that probably reduced the colony to less than half the number).” The person who posted the video (andersHQ) has posted several others showing the bee hive in regular speed. Now there’s a bit of research that has me buzzing! Sorry.
Are you a research nerd, too? Tell me why…