Mentoring Goes National!

January is National Mentor Month!  (Insert fanfare!) Do you know someone who could benefit from your talent and/or experience? Remember my mantra? Everyone has something to give, even if they are new to the world of children’s book writing.   Let’s celebrate by visiting the official website for National Mentor Month at, making a decision to mentor someone somehow, and telling me about it at Just type, “I’m a new mentor/mentee” in the subject line. I’ll tally the number of new mentor relationships that are born and report on their progress in this blog. 

I’ll go first. I’ve just begun mentoring a totally cool lady in Marquette who among other amazing things, has skiied to the Geographic North Pole and Antartica. She’s ready to tell her stories to children and needs help getting started. One thing I know for sure? This relationship will be an adventure for me. 

Now…Rev your engines and start mentoring!!

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