My good fortune

The research for my article (for a history magazine about the role of the Holy Family Orphans’ Home in Operation Pedro Pan) has been so interesting.  I’ve been to the Catholic Diocese of Marquette archives, I’m a regular in the historical files at the Peter White Public Library, and I’ve searched every piece of information I can find online.  (I’ll use this research for my chapter book, too.)  But the very best part of doing this article is connecting with the Cubans who lived here.  The “Marquette boys” have been generous with their time and have shared openly about their experiences at the Home.  I am really enjoying meeting them.  

Everytime I see a photo of the Home during its’ time as a shelter for children and compare it to the way it looks today, I realize it is a travesty that the building, and all the voices it holds, may be lost forever.