5 Books Under 1 Umbrella

  • adaptable for grades 1-5
  • 30 minutes per book, can be set up over a series of days
  • virtual

Readalikes give practicing writers a clear picture of how different authors and illustrators have chosen to approach the same idea. For this session, educators select in advance a theme, genre, or linking topic and determine if they want the readalikes to be fiction, nonfiction/informational, or both. Carrie selects the books, reads each book aloud either in one session or across a time to be determined. Carrie leads a per book discussion about craft moves and text features from a working author perspective weaving in personal anecdotes and thought processes. Then, upon completion of the five books, summarizes and compares/contrasts across them all. Students recognize how one idea can be approached differently and successfully by each individual writer, including themselves.

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