Putting It Out There

Two-hour intensive. Don’t give an editor a reason to reject a manuscript just because you didn’t play by the rules. Get an insider look at industry expectations so you are viewed as a professional. We’ll cover a traditional children’s book publishing industry primer (formatting, word count expectations, conventions, important terms), how to know when your manuscript is… Read more »

Fiction, Nonfiction, and Shades of Grey in Between for Writers

This is a session for writers wanting to break into today’s exciting and growing nonfiction market. The rise in innovative and engaging nonfiction has opened a world of possibilities but also confusion. For instance, how do we label manuscripts that blend true information with fictional characters or settings or invented dialogue? Participants will walk away with a clear definition of different types of… Read more »

Children’s Book Publishing Industry 101: Tips, Terms, and Twists

A one-hour, fast paced, nuts and bolts session for children’s literature writers and writer/illustrators who want to be published — and sooner rather than later. Like every industry, children’s book publishing has conventions. If we follow them, we are one step closer to being part of the in-crowd. Participants will learn necessary standards for traditional publishing (formatting, important terms, word counts for categories, what’s… Read more »

Finding Your Agent Match

Finding the right agent has often been compared to finding a spouse–hopefully, they will be your lifelong business partner, a creative collaborator, your negotiations champion, and eventually the go-between for difficult conversations with your publisher. But finding an agent can be overwhelming. Where do you start? Join Carrie Pearson for a presentation focused on preparing for and finding… Read more »